Founding Partners

The EEF was founded in 2011 by lead charity The Sutton Trust, in partnership with Impetus Trust, with a £125m grant from the Department for Education.

The Sutton Trust’s aim is to improve social mobility and address educational disadvantage. Since 1997 the Trust has funded over 100 research studies and has profoundly influenced the national agenda. It is primarily a ‘do tank’ rather than a ‘think tank’ and has funded a wide range of initiatives, from early years, through primary and secondary schooling and access, to higher education and the professions. Every Sutton Trust initiative has been thoroughly evaluated and those that have been shown to be cost effective, for example summer schools and partnerships between independent and state schools, have been taken up by others, notably Government.

Impetus Trust (now part of Impetus - The Private Equity Foundation) strives to make the biggest difference with donors’ money by helping the charities and social enterprises it supports to achieve a transformational change in their performance. The ultimate goal is to enable these charities to have a greater impact on the lives of economically disadvantaged people. Through its financial support and deployment of high-calibre experts and co-investment partners, Impetus helps its portfolio charities to dramatically increase the number of people they are able to help each year.