Invitation for expressions of interest to be a peer reviewer (closed)

We are looking for peer reviewers that are interested in joining our pool of reviewers for Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs) and Study Plans.

For every EEF-funded RCT evaluators are required to produce a detailed Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) and for evaluations using non-experimental designs (e.g. Difference-in-Difference) evaluators prepare a detailed Study Plan. Both are reviewed by the EEF and by a member of EEF’s review panel. We are currently inviting expressions of interest from researchers with relevant methodological and statistical knowledge and expertise. Depending on interest and expertise, reviewers can become a member of either the SAP or the Study Plan review panel, or both. For more information on the process and requirements please see the invitation and guidance document below.

If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer of EEF SAPs and/or Study Plans, please send the form on p.3 of the invitation below and an up-to-date CV to by 20 January 2021. Active members of the EEF SAP peer review panel, who have completed at least one SAP review in the past year, do not need to reapply. However, if they could also please submit the expertise questionnaire (attached in the form) so we can update our records and ensure better matches.

  1. Updated: 4th January, 2021

    Invitation to be an EEF reviewer

  2. Updated: 4th January, 2021

    Guidance on SAP and Study Plan peer review for EEF trials