Invitation to tender for the pilot of the Education Data Service

The EEF is exploring the setup of an ‘Education Data Service’ (EDS) that could provide quick and cost-effective means for education organisation to access to estimates of impact on attainment based on samples matched on observable background characteristics. This would provide useful early evidence of promise and could help inform decisions about which projects should progress to EEF trials.

The EEF is looking to appoint an organisation to provide the data processing for the Education Data Service and partner with EEF in exploring the optimal way to deliver the service during a pilot phase starting in the summer 2017 and running over at least one academic year. Please find more information in the attached invitation to tender (ITT).

Proposals should reach the EEF by 5pm on Friday the 10th of March:

If you have any questions regarding the ITT please submit them by 5pm on Friday the 24th February.

  1. Updated: 16th February, 2017


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