Review of EEF-funded projects to date

To date, the EEF has funded 186 projects focused on improving the attainment of children in maintained primary and secondary schools, as well as nurseries and further education colleges. 

134 of the projects we have funded are being independently evaluated using a randomised controlled trial methodology; the rest use quasi-experimental designs or are developmental pilots. 

140 projects have reported so far and the EEF has made re-grants for further trials to 17 programme deliverers to progress these programmes either from pilot projects to efficacy trials, or from efficacy trials to effectiveness trials 

We expect to publish a further 14 independent evaluation reports this year.

This body of work represents a rich resource. The EEF has already used the findings of our work to inform updates to our well-used Teaching and Learning Toolkit; to make further investments in EEF ‘Promising Projects’ (those programmes which have shown promise when first trialled); and to produce accessible guidance reports for schools, for example Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants.

We are now looking to commission an external review of our reported projects in order to identify over-arching themes, patterns and other lessons beyond the headline impact on pupil outcomes. The intention is to look ‘beneath the surface’ of single projects to identify cross cutting issues which will be useful in our future grant-making work and can inform our approach to scale-up.

This review will build on two complementary ‘lessons learned’ reviews that were undertaken in 2016 and these will be available to inform the approach. 

We also have a team at Durham University undertaking systematic coding of our published reports and the team working on this project should aim to use the same core coding system, adapting this as required to allow the below research questions to be answered. So that EEF can use the coding in the future we would also ask that the review should be undertaken in the EEF database in EPPI reviewer.

The tender includes research questions that require looking both at the quantitative impact results and also the implementation and process evaluations. 

It may be that teams feel that they have expertise to answer specific questions and we would be open to splitting the work across teams both within and between organisations to ensure that we have appropriate expertise.

The deadline for submitting the initial proposal is 4th December 2018

The EEF team will contact a shortlist of organisations with the most promising proposals, with a view to selecting a reviewer by the 17th December 2018. We would like the project to report by the end of March 2019.

Please send completed bids and direct any questions to:

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    ITT: Review of EEF projects to date

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