Education Endowment Foundation:Portfolio management: invitation to tender

Portfolio management: invitation to tender

Invitation to tender to manage the EEF’s investment portfolio

The EEF requires an investment manager with a strong track-record of managing charitable trusts and foundations’ spend down endowments, with a minimum of £10bn of assets under management to manage the EEF’s investment portfolio of £137m.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement. Under the evidence generation function of the EEF, we fund and manage projects testing education interventions, all of which are independently evaluated. 

To date we have funded, managed, and evaluated over 200 projects reaching more than 14,000 schools, nurseries and colleges. The EEF is a registered charity established in 2011 with a founding grant from the Department for Education of £125 million to be expended within 15 years. In addition to investment returns on this endowment, the EEF actively seeks to partner with other funders to help extend the reach of its work. In 2022, the Education White Paper announced that the EEF would receive a re-endowment of a minimum £100m.

Since the announcement, it has been confirmed that EEF was granted £137m by the Department for Education. The EEF is spending down its endowment to fund its grant-making activities.

The EEF is conducting this procurement for the purpose of procuring the services described in the Specification section of the tender document below.

This invitation to tender:

  • Sets out the overall timetable and process for the procurement of tenders.
  • Provides tenderers with sufficient information to enable them to submit a compliant tender.
  • Sets out the award criteria and the tender evaluation model that will be used to evaluate the tenders.
  • Explains the administrative arrangements for the receipt of tenders.

The closing date for submitting proposals is 17:00 on 15th August 2022.

Further details can be found in the invitation to tender below.