The Big Lockdown Learning Parent Survey

The Big Lockdown Learning Parent Survey is aiming to find out how families are experiencing remote education while most pupils are unable to access school in the normal way.

This survey uses an app called Parent Ping, developed by Education Intelligence Ltd., to ask parents/carers daily questions about their child’s experience of learning at home. Parents are asked at least one question every school day, and several questions are repeated weekly to provide longitudinal data. Teachers also respond to separate survey questions that ask about their remote teaching practices.

In this study, participating schools recruit parents to the study by informing them about the project and inviting them to download the Parent Ping app. Once a minimum number of parents in a school have answered a certain number of questions within one week, schools are provided with a personalised report that summarises responses. Only state sector primary schools in England can participate in the study.

Research from the first wave of school closures during spring 2020 suggested that provision of, and engagement with, remote education and learning varied widely between both schools and families. Much has changed since then. We know schools have worked hard to put in place the best quality remote learning for their pupils. We also know parents are trying their hardest also. What we don’t know, however, is the reality of what learning is taking place in the home: just how much learning is taking place during this period of partial school closures, and what forms is it taking place through. 

This survey aims to gives us insights into the amount of time that pupils are spending on their home learning, on what kinds of study activities, and how parents perceive the development of their child’s learning. The nature of the daily Parent Ping app allows for rapid data collection and analysis appropriate to the dynamic nature of remote education during Covid-19 closures.

This is the first major study in this country to match parental insights on home learning with teacher accounts of remote education delivery. 

To take part, you can access the survey here.

  1. Updated: 4th March, 2021

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  2. Updated: 22nd March, 2021

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