Remote PD Rapid Evidence Assessment

When schools reopen in September it is likely that some staff and pupils will stay away from school due to health concerns. The need for distancing may pose challenges to delivering professional development within school. Staff may be also unable to attend traditional face-to-face training outside school as national or local guidance may restrict movement, staff may need to limit contact due to personal health concerns or schools may require teachers to be present in school in order to re-establish routines, support ongoing home learning or provide catch-up support to help to close the gaps that are likely to have emerged between the amounts different children have learnt.

Schools and training providers are considering ways in which they can use distance learning techniques to continue providing professional development for teachers and other members of staff. There is an urgent need for evidence on:

  • The qualities of successful distance learning techniques for professionals
  • How to successfully implement distance learning to facilitate adult professional development
  • How teachers and other school staff learn well when some or all training is remote

In order to inform decisions being taken in the autumn term, the EEF will conduct a rapid review of the evidence from existing systematic reviews and meta-analyses on remote professional development approaches, including blended approaches where some instructional content is delivered remotely but other aspects are delivered in person. 

  1. Updated: 17th July, 2020

    Protocol for a rapid evidence assessment