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The EEF aims to invest more than £200 million within 15 years, from 2011 to 2026, finding out the most effective ways to raise the attainment of 3-18 year-olds, particularly those facing disadvantage; develop their essential skills; and prepare young people for the world of work and further study.

£125m of this will come from the initial grant awarded by the Department for Education in 2011 to set up the EEF, with further investment income generated while this grant is spent down. We aim to raise a minimum of £40 million by partnering with other organisations who share our commitment to offering the best possible educational opportunities to children and young people.

The EEF is, therefore, actively looking to work with ambitious and strategic funding partners – including other trusts and foundations, corporate donors, and individual philanthropists – to increase the number and level of grants that can be awarded.

You can support our work in 3 specific ways...

  1. You can make a donation to support the work of the EEF – you can contact us to donate now. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of our work. You can choose, if you wish, whether to support our work in improving teaching, or in finding out the best targeted ways to support disadvantaged pupils, or in engaging parents and communities. Funders wanting to partner with the EEF on specific projects can find out how to do so here.
  2. You can find out more about how to put evidence to use in schools. If you’re a school-leader, teacher, parent/carer or a governor, find out how your school is doing compared to other, similar schools using our Families of Schools database. If they don’t know about it already, our Teaching and Learning Toolkit and Early Years Toolkit enables schools and Early Years settings to access the evidence that can inform their decisions. And why not consider registering your interest in taking part in an EEF-funded trial - 1-in-3 schools in the country have already done so.
  3. You can continue to keep in touch with us. If you like the EEF’s rigorous, evidence-based approach then please sign up for our regular ‘Working with Partners’ newsletters, and follow our progress on Twitter and Facebook. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel.