Promising Projects

Our Promising Projects list those EEF-funded projects which have shown initial promise when trialled. This means they have demonstrated the potential to improve attainment for young people cost-effectively when independently and robustly evaluated.

Normally, this means projects have: secured at least one month’s additional progress for participating young people; delivered this impact at a cost that is readily affordable to schools (or early years/post-16 settings); and that the trial achieved an EEF security rating of at least 3 ‘padlocks’ out of 5.

Our approach is to build confidence in a programme’s impact, ensuring that it’s ready to be expanded to schools (or early years / post-16 settings) around the country while, crucially, maintaining its effectiveness. Whenever feasible, we re-grant to EEF Promising Projects to test their impact at scale. Or, if we have already tested their impact at scale, re-grant to support their expansion to deliver at scale.

On average, EEF Promising Projects have been found to boost young people's attainment by +3 months; and by +4 months for disadvantaged students.