Education Endowment Foundation:EEF in the news: New EEF reports published

EEF in the news: New EEF reports published

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Today we have released the findings from seven of our projects.

See below for coverage;

  • Cash rewards don’t improve GCSE exam results”, new research finds (Independent)
  • Cash incentives don’t boost GCSE results” (BBC)
  • Schools told: cash bribes fail to improve GCSE grades’ (Telegraph)
  • Cash bribes fail to boost teenagers’ exam results (Times)
  • Money doesn’t talk when it comes to student behaviour (TES)
  • Student rewards such as cash and free trips fail to improve GCSE results (Guardian)
  • Don’t give your kids cash as incentives to pass exams – it doesn’t work’ (Mirror)

View the seven completed projects and their reports here.