Education Endowment Foundation:Healthy Minds – analysis of health outcomes published

Healthy Minds – analysis of health outcomes published

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A working paper on the health outcomes for an EEF funded programme was published today. The programme aimed to improve pupils’ wellbeing, resilience and motivation and a team at LSE, whose original research fed into the design of the programme, carried out research into the impact of the programme on health outcomes.

The EEF is funding Bounce Forward, a national charity that specialises in resilience training and curricular for schools, to work with academics at LSE to deliver a two-year Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum for Year 7 to Year 10 pupils. 5,700 pupils in over 30 schools are taking part in the trial

The curriculum is designed to be relevant and practical, covering social media awareness, mental illness, parenting and mindfulness. It aims to improve pupils’ resilience and show pupils how to apply the principles and techniques of social and emotional learning to their academic study

Today’s working paper looks at pupils’ general health after two years and four years of the programme. It found that pupils self-reported physical health improved, when compared with a control group. However, the impact on behaviour and internalised emotions was less clear

Today’s findings on health outcomes come from an interim paper published by the academics at LSE. The final version of this report will be published in January 2019

The EEF’s independent evaluation, led by a team from the National Institute for Economic and Social Research and focusing primarily on academic outcomes, will be published by in Spring 2020