Praise for EEF in lead letter to The Times

The EEF has featured in the lead letter published in today's edition of The Times:

Sir, Clare Foges (Oct 1) … could also have highlighted [Michael Gove’s] prompt initiation and £125 million funding of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), which has done so much to generate reliable evidence on what is effective and good value for money in teaching and learning. Since late 2010, the EEF has funded more than 100 rigorous evaluations in education, for example of interventions designed to improve literacy and make best use of teaching assistants. The EEF incorporates this evidence in its authoritative guidance for teachers, school leaders, parents, governors and taxpayers.

The EEF has extended its remit into supporting learning among three to four-year-olds, in particular those children eligible for free school meals, and into post-16 education. In the same way that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guides the NHS, so the EEF has become a guiding star in education.

Professor Jonathan Shepherd | Cardiff University