Quality teaching matters more than group size

The TES took an in-depth look at our new grant to the Tutor Trust this week:

"One-to-one tuition is often seen as the best way to raise children's achievement. But teachers could achieve the same results for a quarter of the price, new research suggests. In fact, a research review conducted by grant-awarding body the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) shows that the size of tuition group is less important than whether the group's tutors are qualified teachers or well-trained volunteers.In a review of effective intervention projects, the EEF stated: "Groups of three or four pupils can sometimes be as or more effective than either one-to-one or paired tuition. Given its lower cost, schools could consider trialing small-group tuition as a first option, before moving to one-to-one tuition, if small group tuition is ineffective."

Reporter Adi Bloom went on to speak to Abigail Shapiro, one of the founders of the Tutor Trust, about their new EEF grant. 

EEF chief executive Sir Kevan Collins was quoted about the existing evidence too. The TES also included five top tips for schools thinking about tuition in their context, drawn from our Teaching and Learning Toolkit:


Education Endowment Foundation tuition tips.

You can read the Teaching and Learning Toolkit entry on one-to-one tuition here, and on small group tuition here.

You can read the full article in this week's edition of the TES.