Education Endowment Foundation:New EEF podcast looks at Embedding Formative Assessment

New EEF podcast looks at Embedding Formative Assessment

Trialled and Tested: Embedding Formative Assessment
Podcast •1 minute •

Teaching should start from where the student is, not from where we would like them to be, says education professor Dylan Wiliam in this episode of Trialled and Tested, introducing how formative assessment strategies can be used in the classroom

He’s the co-developer of a professional development programme, Embedding Formative Assessment, which supports teachers to use real-time knowledge of their pupils’ strengths and weaknesses to adapt their practice. An independent evaluation funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) recently found that pupils in schools following the programme made the equivalent of +2 months’ additional progress in their Attainment 8 GCSE score.

Find out more, as Evidence Based Education’s Jamie Scott speaks to some of the people behind the programme and who were involved in the EEF trial to get their perspectives. Tune in to hear from:

Dylan Wiliam: Start to 16:40

Emily Yeomans: 16:40 to 21:40

Corinne Settle: 21:40 to 28:52

Claire Taylor: 28:52 to 35:23

Dylan Wiliam: 35:23 to end

Full length: 38m