EEF’s campaigns are a way of directing EEF’s resources and expertise to some of the most urgent and challenging issues in our schools. Using a three tiered approach outlined below, campaigns are a concerted piece of activity to inform teachers about the best available evidence and the support to implement that evidence from local expert partners.

The EEF's current approach to campaigns comprises of three components:

  1. Guidance: Guidance reports aim to summarise the existing evidence and provide practical ways for schools to act upon the evidence. For example, in the Teaching Assistants campaign, there are seven evidence based recommendations for making the best use of teaching assistants
  2. Advocacy: The EEF works with local advocate partners in a region to help provide support and training to schools that allow them to make the most of the evidence provided in the guidance report.
  3. Grant-making to fund targeted interventions: The EEF funds targeted interventions a specific region so that they can benefit from access to successful evidence-based interventions.

The EEF is currently funding two campaigns

  1. Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants
  2. North East Literacy Campaign