Research Schools

The Research Schools project is a partnership between the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the Institute for Effective Education (IEE) to fund a network of schools who will support the use of evidence to improve teaching practice.

The Research Schools will become a focal-point for evidence-based practice in their region, building affiliations with large numbers of schools and supporting the use of evidence at scale. Research Schools will engage with local schools in a variety of ways and with varying degrees of intensity.

The first five Research Schools, appointed following a competitive application process, are:

There is a growing body of evidence-based resources and tools available to help inform school leaders and teachers, including the Teaching and Learning ToolkitFamilies of Schools Database and DIY Evaluation Guide

The new Research Schools are all recognised as leaders in bridging between education research and everyday classroom practice. They’ll use their expertise to support up to 1000 schools by:

  • Encouraging schools in their network to make use of evidence-based programmes and practices through regular communication and events.
  • Providing training and professional development for senior leaders and teachers on how to improve classroom practice based on the best available evidence.
  • Supporting schools to develop innovative ways of improving teaching and learning and providing them with the expertise to evaluate their impact. 

The EEF and IEE will appoint a further five Research Schools in 2016-17 to ensure that more schools have the opportunity to be supported by the expertise within these networks. Each of the ten schools will receive £200,000 over three years to enable them to fulfil their roles.

More information on Research Schools can be found at: