Test identification

Name of test CEM Alis/IBE
Subjects Maths
Summary Alis is an adaptive baseline assessment for students aged 16 to 18, that provides information to help you identify students strengths and weaknesses, and see how they are likely to perform at A Level. The CEM IBE assessment is a post-16 assessment system designed for schools and colleges following the IB Diploma programme. The assessments provide an individualised learner profile, comprising baseline measures and predictive information to ensure learners maximise their potential. The assessment is computer-based and adaptive for each student, measuring vocabulary, mathematics and non-verbal abilities.

Assessment screening

Subscales Vocabulary, mathematics and non-verbal scores
Authors Cambridge Assessment
Publisher Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM)
Test source https://www.cem.org/cem-ibe
Guidelines available? Yes
Norm-referenced scores. Yes
Age range 16-18 Years
Key Stage(s) applicable to KS5
UK standardisation sample Yes
Publication date Ongoing
Re-norming date n/a


Validity measures available? No
Reliability measures available? No
Reason for exclusion from shortlist shortlisted but insufficient information available to evaluate

Evaluation and Appraisal

Response format

Assessor requirements

Is administration scripted? No


Construct Validity

Does it adequately measure literacy, mathematics or science?

Criterion Validity

Does test performance adequately correlate with later, current or past performance?


Is test performance reliable?

Is the norm-derived population appropriate and free from bias?

Is population appropriate and free from bias? No