Test identification

Name of test Comprehensive Mathematical Abilities Test
Subjects Maths
Summary Measures mathematics abilities using 6 core subtests based on actual materials used to teach math in schools and on state and local curriculum guides.

Assessment screening

Subscales Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Problem Solving; and Charts. Tables, and Graphs) and six Supplemental Subtests (Algebra; Geometry; Rational Numbers; Time; Money; and Measurement)
Authors Wayne P. Hresko, Paul L. Schlieve, Shelley R. Herron, Colleen Swain, Rita J. Sherbenou
Publisher Pro-Ed
Test source https://www.proedinc.com/Products/10405/cmat-comprehensive-mathematical-abilities-test-complete-kit.aspx
Guidelines available? Yes
Norm-referenced scores. Yes
Age range 7-18 years
Key Stage(s) applicable to KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
UK standardisation sample No
Publication date 2002
Re-norming date n/a


Reason for exclusion from shortlist No UK standardisation available