Test identification

Name of test Rapid Automatized Naming and Rapid Alternating Stimulus Tests
Subjects Literacy
Summary Normed rapid automatized naming tests (letters, numbers, colors, objects) and rapid alternating stimulus tests (2-set letters and numbers, 3-set letters, numbers and colors). Used to identify pupils are risk of reading failure.

Assessment screening

Subscales Rapid automatized naming tests, rapid alternating stimulus tests
Authors Maryanne Wolf and Martha Bridge Denckla
Publisher Pro-Ed
Test source https://www.proedinc.com/Products/10435/ranras-rapid-automatized-naming-and-rapid-alternating-stimulus-tests.aspx
Guidelines available? Yes
Norm-referenced scores. Yes
Age range 5-18:11 Years
Key Stage(s) applicable to EY, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
UK standardisation sample No
Publication date 2005
Re-norming date n/a


Reason for exclusion from shortlist No UK standardisation available