Test identification

Name of test Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - Second UK Edition
Previous version(s) WIAT, WIAT-II, WIAT-II UK, WIAT-II UK-T (literacy only), WIAT-III, WIAT-III UK, WIAT-III UK-T (literacy only)
Subjects Literacy, Maths
Summary Assessment of reading, language and numerical attainment in one test (with multiple subtests). Superceded by WIAT-IIIUK

Assessment screening

Subscales Word Reading, Reading Comprehension,Pseudoword Decoding, Numerical Operations, Mathematical Reasoning, Spelling, Written Expression, Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression
Authors David Wechsler
Publisher Pearson Clinical
Test source https://www.pearsonclinical.co.uk/Psychology/ChildCognitionNeuropsychologyandLanguage/ChildAchievementMeasures/WechslerIndividualAchievementTest-SecondUKEdition(WIAT-IIUK)/WechslerIndividualAchievementTest-SecondUKEdition(WIAT-IIUK).aspx
Guidelines available? Yes
Norm-referenced scores. Yes
Age range 4;0-16;11 Years
Key Stage(s) applicable to EY, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
UK standardisation sample Yes
Publication date 2005
Re-norming date n/a


Reason for exclusion from shortlist No recent norms available