About the Measure

Domains Language
Subscales No
Target Construct Oral language: Receptive vocabulary
Description Leading vocabulary assessment for standard English. As no reading is required, BPVS3 can be used to assess language development in non-readers and especially pupils with expressive language impairments. Because no spoken response is required, the assessment may be administered to pupils with autism and other related communication difficulties or those with English as an Additional Language (EAL).
Test Authors Dunn, Dunn, Styles, Sewell
Publisher GL Assessment (2009)

Implementation details

Respondent Child
Prior knowledge Required Speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, experienced ASfL teachers
Scoring Scoring clear and transparent
Time Untimed, normally about 10 minutes
Age 3 years to 16 years and 11 months

Psychometric details

UK norms YES
Norm / Criterion referenced Norm referenced
Standardisation sample 3278 in 8 age ranges in England, wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
Reliability Built into the confidence bands (confidence intervals 95%)
Criterion validity Validity: W.I.S.C. -0.76, Schonell 0.80.
Construct validity Correlated with CATS verbal battery 0.72 with overall CATS scores 0.61
Concurrent validity Concurrent validity established with CDI (.32 -.41)