About the Measure

Domains Language
Subscales Screen, articulation, oro-motor, phonological and inconsistency
Target Construct Oral language: Phonology and articulation
Description Detects and differentiates between articulation problems, delayed phonology and consistent versus inconsistent phonological disorder.
Test Authors Dodd, Hua, Crosbie, Holm & Izanne
Publisher Pearson (2002)

Implementation details

Respondent Child
Prior knowledge Required Psychologists , speech or occupational therapists, mental health professionals and health practitioners with appropriate Graduate and professional qualifications in their field of practice.
Scoring Complex scoring system
Time Diagnostic Screen 5 minutes; Articulation assessment 10-15 minutes; Phonology assessment 10-15 minutes; Oral Motor Screen 5 minutes
Age 3 years to 6 years and 11 months

Psychometric details

UK norms YES
Norm / Criterion referenced Norm referenced
Standardisation sample 684
Reliability The DEAP’s test-retest reliability scores for the measures were all significantly correlated. Regarding the inter-rater reliability; the scores on the four quantitative measures were all significantly correlated, indicating a good agreement between raters.
Criterion validity Complete coverage of the sound system of English
Construct validity High correlation (r=0.95; p<0.001) between DEAP-PCC and EAT
Concurrent validity High correlation (r=0.95; p<0.001) between DEAP-PCC and EAT