About the Measure

Domains Numeracy
Subscales Number naming, Oral counting, One to one, Quantity comparison
Target Construct Numeracy: Oral Counting, Number Naming, Quantity Comparison, 1:1 correspondence Counting
Description Consists of 4 tasks (Oral Counting, Number Naming, Quantity Comparison, 1:1 correspondence Counting) intended as indicators of number sense skill for preschoolers and to detect students at risk of MLD.
Test Authors (Floyd, Hojnoski & Key, 2006)
Publisher No test publisher: EXCLUDED (Not published)

Implementation details

Respondent Child
Prior knowledge Required Teachers can administrate
Scoring Correct/incorrect, no published scheme
Time 20 minutes
Age 3 years to 6 years

Psychometric details

UK norms NO
Norm / Criterion referenced Criterion referenced
Standardisation sample 215
Reliability Test-retest reliability above .80 for all measures except Counting fluency (.62)
Criterion validity Sensitive to growth over time and indicate that promise for measuring early mathematical skill development
Construct validity Tasks reflect key competencies of early years numeracy
Concurrent validity PNI shows moderate concurrency with TEMA-3, BBCS-R and WJ-III Applied Problems