About the Measure

Domains Social Emotional
Subscales Not examined
Target Construct Social Emotional: Self-regulation in emotional, attentional, and behavioural domains.
Description The PSRA was designed to assess self-regulation in emotional, attentional, and behavioural domains by using a brief, structured battery of tasks.  In addition, Raver and her colleagues developed and standardized the PSRA assessor report capturing children's emotion regulation and attention/impulsivity during the course of the direct assessment.
Test Authors Radiah Smith-Donald, C. Cybele Raver, Tiffany Hayes, Breeze Richardson
Publisher Downloadable from CSRP Chicago School Readiness Project (2007)
Psychometry Not evaluated as no UK norms
Implementation Not evaluated as no UK norms

Implementation details

Respondent Not examined
Prior knowledge Required Not examined
Scoring Not examined
Time Not examined
Age 4 years to 5 years

Psychometric details

Norm / Criterion referenced Norm referenced
Standardisation sample Insufficient data in the public domain to evaluate.
Reliability Not examined
Criterion validity Not examined
Construct validity Not examined
Concurrent validity Not examined