About the Measure

Domains Omnibus
Subscales Not examined
Target Construct Oral language: Expressive language skills. Literacy: Recognition and use of printed words Numeracy: Understanding and use of beginning mathematical ideas and concepts.
Description An observational measure that focuses on six key areas linked to future success in school (general knowledge, oral communication, written language, maths concepts, work habits, attentive behaviour). It provides culturally-fair assessment of young children because it does not measure behaviours prone to bias or subjectivity.
Test Authors Qualls, A. L., Hoover, H. D., Dunbar, S. B. & Frisbie, D. A.
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2003)
Psychometry Not evaluated as no UK norms
Implementation Not evaluated as no UK norms

Implementation details

Respondent Not examined
Prior knowledge Required Not examined
Scoring Not examined
Time Not examined
Age 4 years to 6 years and 11 months

Psychometric details

Norm / Criterion referenced Norm referenced
Standardisation sample 2108
Reliability Not examined
Criterion validity Not examined
Construct validity Not examined
Concurrent validity Not examined