About the Measure

Domains Numeracy
Subscales Not examined
Target Construct Range of quantitative tasks assessing reasoning about relationships
Description Researcher developed test. 32 item test administered 1 to 1 to assess quantitative reasoning: additive composition, Inverse relation between addition and subtraction in number determination, additive reasoning and multiplicative reasoning
Test Authors Nunes, T. Bryant, P., Evans, D. & Barros, R. (2015). Assessing Quantitative Reasoning in Young Children. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 17, 178-196
Publisher No test publisher (2015)
Psychometry Not evaluated as not published
Implementation Not evaluated as not published

Implementation details

Respondent Not examined
Prior knowledge Required Not examined
Scoring Not examined
Time Not examined
Age 5 to 6 years

Psychometric details

Norm / Criterion referenced Insufficient data to decide
Standardisation sample 112
Reliability Not examined
Criterion validity Not examined
Construct validity Not examined
Concurrent validity Not examined