About the Measure

Domains Omnibus
Subscales Full scale, verbal comprehension, visuo-spatial, fluid reasoning, working memory and processing speed.
Target Construct Oral language: Receptive vocabulary, picture naming
Description General intelligence scale including verbal reasoning
Test Authors Wechsler , D.
Publisher Pearson (2013)

Implementation details

Respondent Child
Prior knowledge Required Professionals or trained administrators, CL1
Scoring Scoring clear and transparent, need to distinguish raw scale standard scores and norms
Time 30 to 45 minutes for children younger than 3 years and 11 months and 45 to 60 minutes for older children.
Age 2 years and six months to 7 years and 3 months

Psychometric details

UK norms YES
Norm / Criterion referenced Norm referenced
Standardisation sample 805 children in UK; 2100 (1700 + 400 for items bias in US
Reliability Test-retest 0.90; inter rater 0.96; Cronbach PIQ 0.92, VIQ 0.95 and FSIQ 0.96
Criterion validity Insufficient data in the public domain to evaluate
Construct validity PIQ and VIQ as distinct dimensions
Concurrent validity Significant correlations with WISC-R; Stanford-Binet and McCarthy Scales