About the Measure

Domains Language
Subscales No
Target Construct Oral language: Receptive and expressive grammar.
Description A Speech and Language Toolkit for Screening and Intervention in the Early Years: Revised Edition plays a crucial role in identifying children with potential language difficulties and offers a range of customised intervention activities to help support their language development.
Test Authors Hurd, A., McQueen, D., Sandwell Primary Care Trust
Publisher GL Assessments (2010)

Implementation details

Respondent Child
Prior knowledge Required Early Years Practitioners, SENCOs, Teaching Assistants, Nursery Workers and Speech and Language Therapists
Scoring Clear, objective and transparent
Time 10 to 15 minutes
Age 6 months to 6 years

Psychometric details

UK norms YES
Norm / Criterion referenced Norm referenced
Standardisation sample 7000
Reliability Insufficient data in the public domain to evaluate
Criterion validity Insufficient data in the public domain to evaluate
Construct validity Wellcomm showed good levels of sensitivity and borderline acceptable levels of specificity discriminating typically developing children from those delayed.
Concurrent validity Concurrent validity with RDLS III .89 Wellcomm correlates with PLS-4 auditory.