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Domains Omnibus
Subscales Not examined
Target Construct Oral language Literacy: Letter-word id; passage comprehension; word attack; oral reading; sentence reading fluency; word reading fluency; spelling; writing samples; writing fluency; spelling sounds. Numeracy
Description There are two tests of math knowledge: Applied Problems (WJ-AP) and Quantitative Concepts (WJ-QC). Applied Problems requires children listen to the problem, recognize the procedure to be followed and then perform relatively simple calculations. Assessment tools for young children also focus primarily on number knowledge and number sense rather than the broader domains of mathematical thinking and reasoning such as patterning and early algebra)
Test Authors Woodcock, R. W., Shrank, F. A., McGrew, K. S. & Mather, N.
Publisher HMH Assessments (2014)
Psychometry Not evaluated as no UK norms
Implementation Not evaluated as no UK norms

Implementation details

Respondent Not examined
Prior knowledge Required Not examined
Scoring Not examined
Time Not examined
Age 2 years to 90 years.

Psychometric details

Norm / Criterion referenced Norm referenced
Standardisation sample 7416
Reliability Not examined
Criterion validity Not examined
Construct validity Not examined
Concurrent validity Not examined