About the Measure

Domains Literacy
Subscales Phonological skills, alphabetic knowledge and word reading; For children ages 5 and above reading fluency and reading comprehension.
Target Construct Literacy: Letter sound knowledge, early word recognition, sound deletion and sound isolation.
Description A one-to-one, diagnostic reading assessment. The early reading suite comprises four short tests specifically designed for pupils with reading difficulties. These tests assess a pupil’s phonological skills, alphabetic knowledge and word reading in a time-efficient and flexible way. They are among the most sensitive type of assessments for beginner readers and may be administered up to three times during a school year.
Test Authors Snowling, M.J., Stothard, S. E., Clarke, P., Bowyer-Crane, C., Harrington, A., Truelove, E. & Nation, K
Publisher GL Assessment (2009)

Implementation details

Respondent Child
Prior knowledge Required Administered individually by school psychologists, speech pathologists and specialist teachers
Scoring Transparent scoring system with clear guidelines. Important to understand ability scores
Time 20 minutes approximately
Age 4 years to 7 years (Early reading) and 5 to 16 (passage reading)

Psychometric details

UK norms YES
Norm / Criterion referenced Norm referenced
Standardisation sample 662
Reliability Letter sound knowledge - core .95; Letter sound knowledge - extended .98; Early word recognition .98; Sound isolation .88; Sound deletion .93; Deletion and Isolation combined .95
Criterion validity Insufficient data in the public domain to evaluate
Construct validity Similar standard scores achieved with NARA II and BPVS
Concurrent validity Correlation with the SWRT ranged .55 (Letter sound knowledge) to .88 (Early word recognition).