About the Measure

Domains Perceptions of Self
Key stages Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5
Subscales Self-esteem; Competency
Description Measures perceptions about self-competence, potency, and positive self-worth in children and adolescents.
Example I tell the truth
Link https://www.pearsonclinical.com/psychology/products/100000153/beck-youth-inventories-second-edition-byi-ii.html

Implementation details

No. of items 20
Format Likert
Respondent Self
Scoring Standardised
Time 0
Age 7-18
Cost single purchase $328
Cost per child -

Psychometric details

UK norms No
Cronbach's α .83-.92
Test retest After c. 1 week, r= [.81,.90]
Inter-rater reliability Not reported
EFA 2-factor oblique
CFA Not reported
Criterion validity Piers Harris Children's Self-concept scale, r= [.36,.61]
Construct validity Self-Concept score, r= -.45; Child Behaviour Checklist, r= -.41; Conners-Wells’ Adolescent Self-Report Scales, r= [-.62,-.47]; Children's Depression Inventory, r= [-.60,-.16]; Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale, r= [-.55,-.24]; Reynolds Bully Victimisation Scales for Schools, r= [-.24,-.05]
Concurrent validity Not reported
Predictive validity Not reported
Responsiveness Not reported
Floor/Ceiling Not reported
References Runyon, M. K., Steer, R. A., & Deblinger, E. (2008). Psychometric characteristics of the Beck Self-Concept Inventory for Youth with adolescents who have experienced sexual abuse. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 31(2), 129–136. doi:10.1007/s10862-008-9100-6