About the Measure

Domains Mental health and wellbeing, Resilience and coping, Social and Emotional Competence
Key stages Key Stage 2
Subscales Monitoring; Blunting; Venting
Description The CCQ is a comprehensive 81 question survey of children's coping, which assesses 14 conceptually distinct coping categories.
Example When this happens… I try not to think about it
Link http://summit.sfu.ca/system/files/iritems1/6875/b1774989x.pdf

Implementation details

No. of items 81
Format Likert
Respondent Self
Scoring Standardised
Time 30
Age 7-11
Cost single purchase Free
Cost per child Free

Psychometric details

UK norms No
Cronbach's α .56-.85
Test retest Not reported
Inter-rater reliability Not reported
EFA 3 factor explain
CFA 14 factor Chi-square= 9836.53 df= 3068
Criterion validity Not reported
Construct validity Not reported
Concurrent validity Not reported
Predictive validity Not reported
Responsiveness Not reported
Floor/Ceiling Not reported
References Fedorowicz, A. E. (1995). Children's coping questionnaire (CCQ): Development and factor structure. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Manitoba, Canada). Retrieved from http://summit.sfu.ca/system/files/iritems1/6875/b1774989x.pdf