About the Measure

Domains Meta-cognition, Social and Emotional Competence
Key stages
Subscales Cooperation with others; Initiative; Competence motivation; Social sensitivity
Description Rating scale designed specifically for assessing social competency in young children. Considers a child’s strengths as well as deficits, and includes a parent and teacher form. Developed using empirically-based constructs of social competency, it contains items reflecting dimensions of social competency consistent with the developmental literature.
Example Lends possessions or classroom materials to others'
Link http://newmeadow.org/forms/evaluations/

Implementation details

No. of items 30
Format Likert
Respondent Parent/Teacher
Scoring Complex
Time 0
Age 2-5
Cost single purchase Available in jou
Cost per child Available in jou

Psychometric details

UK norms No
Cronbach's α .60-.95
Test retest Not reported
Inter-rater reliability Early Childhood Social Competency Rating Scale parent and teacher versions, r= .55, p < .001
EFA Not reported
CFA Not reported
Criterion validity Not reported
Construct validity Early Childhood Social Competency Rating Scale (ECSC) parent scale and the Teacher Report Form (TRF) aggression subscale, r= .62; ECSC parent scale and the school psychologist’s behavioural ratings and language therapists’ ratings of receptive language, r= .27; Evidence of construct validity by correlations between the teacher measure and the Hahnemann Elementary School Behavior Rating Scale, r= [.24,.72]; Correlations with measures of cognitive abilities and perceptual-motor abilities, r= [.00,.22]
Concurrent validity Not reported
Predictive validity Early Childhood Social Competency Rating Scale (ECSC) parent ratings and placement recommendations for “a strong behaviour management component (yes versus no)”, and recommendations for “a regular kindergarten class without modifications (yes versus no)” r= .33 and .27, respectively. Relationships between the ECSC teacher ratings and placement recommendations were low and non significant.
Responsiveness Not Applicable (NA)
Floor/Ceiling Not reported
References Abbul, D. (1998). Examining the psychometric properties of the early childhood social competency rating scale with a preschool population. (Unpublished Doctoral thesis). University at Albany, USA.
Nastasi, B. K., & Clements, D. C. (1986, May). A teacher rating scale of early childhood social
competence: Validation study
. Paper presented at the second biennial meeting of the
Midwestern Society for Research in Life-Span Development, Akron, OH.