About the Measure

Domains Perceptions of Self
Key stages Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5
Subscales This is a unidimensional measure
Description This was designed to assess teacher perceptions of school-aged students’ general self efficacy.
Example The student is successful
Link https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kelly_Duncan2/publication/265847259_2010_43_79_Measurement_and_Evaluation_in_Counseling_and_Development_Brief_Psychometric_Analysis_of_the_Self-Efficacy_Teacher_Report_Scale_On_behalf_of_Association_for_Assessment_in_C

Implementation details

No. of items 19
Format Likert
Respondent Teacher
Scoring Standardised
Time 0
Age 8-17
Cost single purchase Free - Available
Cost per child Free - Available

Psychometric details

UK norms No
Cronbach's α .95-.97
Test retest 14 days, r= .89
Inter-rater reliability Not reported
EFA Single-factor so
CFA Chi-square not reported (p<.05)
CFI = .89
SRMR = .05
RMSEA = .12
Criterion validity Not reported
Construct validity r= [.62,.78] with Self Evaluation Scale-Teacher Total Score;
r= [-.73,.62] with The Disruptive Behavior Rating Scale (2nd Edition)–Teacher, Distractible Subscale
Concurrent validity Not reported
Predictive validity Not reported
Responsiveness Not reported
Floor/Ceiling Not reported
References Erford, B. T., Duncan, K., & Savin-Murphy, J. (2010). Brief psychometric analysis of the Self-Efficacy Teacher Report Scale. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 43(2), 79–90. doi:10.1177/0748175610373454