About the Measure

Domains Motivation, goal orientation and perseverance
Key stages Key Stage 3
Subscales Social development goal; Social demonstration-approach goal; Social demonstration-avoid goal
Description The Social Achievement Goals measure aims to assess individual differences in adolescents' appraoches to socialising. For instance, some may have social-development goals and therefore seek to improve and strengthen relationships. Those keen to gain popularity are said to have social demonstration-approach goals, while those with social demonstration-avoid goals try to hide social incompetence and is associated with limited and negative relationships.
Example I like it when I learn better ways to get along with friends
Link https://s3.amazonaws.com/academia.edu.documents/44370319/An_Exploration_of_Young_Adolescents_Soc20160403-22872-gghsii.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIWOWYYGZ2Y53UL3A&Expires=1507040875&Signature=0sLNzrohK%2BSwjY8eBhW9F57FIB4%3D&response-content-disposition=inline

Implementation details

No. of items 18
Format Likert
Respondent Self
Scoring Standardised
Time 0
Age 11-14
Cost single purchase Free - Available
Cost per child Free - Available

Psychometric details

UK norms No
Cronbach's α .84-.87
Test retest Not reported
Inter-rater reliability Not reported
EFA 3-factor oblique
CFA Chi-square(132) = 250.7
n = 189
p <.001
CFI = .91
IFI = .91
RMSEA= .07
Criterion validity Not reported
Construct validity r= [.16,.40] with perceived social competence
Concurrent validity Not reported
Predictive validity A development goal was positively related to prosocial behavior (beta= .30, p < .001) whereas a demonstration-approach goal was negatively related to prosocial behavior (beta= -.40, p < .001). Perceived social competence was also a significant predictor of prosocial behavior (beta= .36, p < .001)
Responsiveness Not reported
Floor/Ceiling Not reported
References Jones, M. H., Mueller, C. E., Royal, K. D., Shim, S. S., & Hart, C. O. (2013). Social achievement goals validation among rural African American adolescents. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 31(6), 566-577. doi: 10.1177/0734282913483982
Ryan, A. M., & Shim, S. S. (2008). An exploration of young adolescents' social achievement goals and social adjustment in middle school. Journal of Educational Psychology, 100(3), 672. doi:10.1037/0022-0663.100.3.672