About the Measure

Domains Motivation, goal orientation and perseverance, Perceptions of Self, Resilience and coping
Key stages Key Stage 3
Subscales Inspiration; Ambition; Separation; Achievement motivation; General enjoyment; Achievement; Belonging; Curiosity; Empowerment; Excitement; Mentoring; Risk-taking; Self-confidence
Description The student aspirations survey was developed to aid educators in their efforts to address aspiration issues at the secondary level. It consists of 98 items across 13 scales.
Link Contact author at jplucker@jhu.edu

Implementation details

No. of items 116
Format Likert
Respondent Self
Scoring Standardised
Time 0
Age 11-13
Cost single purchase Survey cannot be
Cost per child Survey cannot be

Psychometric details

UK norms No
Cronbach's α .69-.84
Test retest Not reported
Inter-rater reliability Not reported
EFA Not reported
CFA 2 separate CFAs
Aspirations and self-perception (5-factor)
Chi-square(365) = 2405.54
GFI = 0.872
AGFI = 0.848
BBI = 0.788
TLI = 0.793
Conditions (8-factor correlated)
Chi-square(371) = 3553.9
GFI = 0.776
AGFI = 0.738
BBI = 0.78
TLI = 0.781
Criterion validity Not reported
Construct validity Not reported
Concurrent validity Not reported
Predictive validity Not reported
Responsiveness Not reported
Floor/Ceiling Not reported
References Plucker, J. A., & Quaglia, R. J. (1998). The Student Aspirations Survey: Assessing student effort and goals. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 58(2), 252–257. doi:10.1177/0013164498058002008