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Healthy Minds

Bounce Forward and LSE
Implementation costThe cost estimates in the Toolkits are based on the average cost of delivering the intervention.
Evidence strengthThis rating provides an overall estimate of the robustness of the evidence, to help support professional decision-making in schools.
Impact (months)The impact measure shows the number of additional months of progress made, on average, by children and young people who received the intervention, compared to similar children and young people who did not.
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Independent Evaluator

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Testing the link between non-cognitive skills and academic achievement.
Schools: 30 Grant: £687,000
Key Stage: 3 Duration: 8 year(s) 2 month(s) Type of Trial: Efficacy Trial
Completed March 2020

Healthy Minds is a personal, social, and health education curriculum for secondary school pupils (Years 7 to 10), which aims to improve pupils’ wellbeing and health-related outcomes.

The programme, developed by Bounce Forward, comprises a set of 14 modules developed from elements of different evidence-based health-promoting programmes. The lessons, which should be taught directly by a trained teacher or a learning support assistant, take about one hour per week, and either replace schools’ existing PSHE lessons, or can be built into the school week at other times. It is intended to be delivered to pupils over four years, from Years 7 to 10 (covering ages 11 to 15).