Mentoring for Early Career Chemistry Teachers

The project will see chemistry teachers – defined as anyone who teaches chemistry – engage in a one-year mentoring programme. Mentors will be chemistry specialists with over five years’ teaching experience and mentees will volunteer if they feel that support with their chemistry teaching would be valuable. 

The delivery of mentoring is flexible in both frequency and format. While there will be a recommended frequency of at least one face-to-face session per half term, some sessions may be remote, and mentees may wish to organise additional phone calls or ask for ad hoc support by email or text. The RSC will provide additional support through an online forum, a termly conversation with a coordinator for each mentor, and signposting to the RSC’s existing chemistry subject-based resources.

Why are we funding it?

This project is part of a co-funded round on science teacher retention with the Wellcome Trust. Mentoring is a popular way of addressing teacher efficacy, job satisfaction and workload. This programme is based on sound principles: having a subject component, matching mentees to mentors outside their school, and focusing on training and matching rather than controlling the content of the mentoring conversations. 

How are we evaluating it?

This project will be a pilot study with 40 mentee-mentor pairs looking at programme’s evidence of promise, feasibility and readiness for trial. Evidence of promise will be explored by measuring mentee confidence and job satisfaction; secondary measures of mentor benefits will also be collected. 

You can find the recruitment website for this project here.

When will the evaluation report be due?

The evaluation report will be published in Autumn 2020.