Our 4 priority areas

We work closely with other those who share our mission of breaking the link between family income and educational achievement. 

Since 2011, more than £32 million has been donated by a range of funders and individuals to help extend the reach of work the EEF is funding.

We welcome your support. Donations can be made securely online here

Here are our top four priority areas:

1. Co-funding a high-potential project to boost young people’s attainment

Your opportunity to co-invest with the EEF in testing the impact of a high-potential project, increasing the range and scope of the EEF’s work. Please do let us know if there is a specific project you are interested in supporting.

All EEF-funded projects can be viewed here.

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with EEF. These programmes represent to us the importance of rigorous evaluation where outcomes will be of primary importance. I am sure we can achieve more together than either organisation can achieve individually." - KPMG Foundation

2. Partnering with the EEF to build understanding in key areas of education

Working together to:

  • build the ‘what works’ evidence base in key areas of education to address the disadvantage gap, and
  • support teachers with the best possible guidance to improve their students’ outcomes.

Current EEF priority themes can be viewed here.

“Through our new partnership with the EEF, we are delighted to combine theory and practice, as well as robust evaluation, to find the best-in-class programmes to dramatically increase the number of young people who have a smoother transition into the job market.” - J.P. Morgan

3. Supporting high-priority schools to close the disadvantage gap

 Help us to ensure all schools, particularly in areas of high need, have access to the:

  • resources,
  • training and
  • support

they need to improve teaching practice – all based on the best-available evidence.

Our national network of 39 Research Schools are supporting improvement around the country. In the past year, they supported a total of 1,895 schools. 

“We are delighted to support the work of the EEF to translate evidence into good practice in classrooms, so that pupils from disadvantaged areas and backgrounds are given a real chance to succeed.” - Kusuma Trust

4. Developing a global evidence ecosystem for teaching

Join us in working with leading organisations around the world to ensure teachers and schools everywhere can access reliable information and the support they need to make the best decisions about what’s most likely to transform their students’ life chances.

You can find out more about our work to support other countries integrate evidence into their educational systems here.

“We know that a great education is crucial for breaking the cycle of disadvantage and ensuring a young person can actively participate in society. That’s why partnerships like this one with EEF are so important.” - BHP Foundation