Mellis Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Mellis Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School is placed in a family of similar schools, according to the characteristics of your pupils. The prior attainment of pupils, the percentage eligible for Pupil Premium, and the proportion with English as an additional language are all considered in grouping the families.

The summary table below presents the school’s details and performance data for 2016. Subsequent charts present the average performance over three years. This is to ensure that trends are not obscured by small cohorts of pupils.

When will the latest data be available?

We are aware that the data currently presented in Families of Schools has not been updated to reflect the most recent results.

We are working on a solution to ensure that the Families of Schools remains up to date and useful for school leaders to compare school performance in context and are in the process of developing new features to support schools in different contexts, which will be ready for the new school year 2019/20.

to keep up to date with EEF developments.