Education Endowment Foundation:A School’s Guide to Implementation

A School’s Guide to Implementation

Maximise the impact of new approaches and practices.
Review of evidence on implementation in education:Implementation in education

Third Edition


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An educational approach or idea may seem great in principle, but what really matters is how it manifests itself in the day-to-day work of people in schools, colleges, and early years settings. 

Our guidance on effective implementation – and its accompanying resources – are designed to help you make sure new approaches or practices have the biggest possible impact on children and young people’s outcomes. 

Based on a new review of the evidence, our updated guidance is focused on three key elements:

  1. The behaviours that drive effective implementation.

  2. The contextual factors that facilitate implementation.

  3. A structured, but flexible, process to enact implementation.

The process is designed to support you to do implementation, while the behaviours and contextual factors help you to do it well.

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Prof. Jonathan Sharples, Jon Eaton and Jamila Boughelaf

Implementation in education

How new approaches and strategies can be implemeted by school leaders to maximise the chances of success.