Education Endowment Foundation:1,100+ schools and nurseries sought for EEF evaluations of eight projects aiming to close the disadvantage gap

1,100+ schools and nurseries sought for EEF evaluations of eight projects aiming to close the disadvantage gap

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With schools facing ever more complex challenges from Covid-19, the need to know which approaches show the greatest promise for improved learning is stronger than ever. The Education Endowment Foundation is looking for 1,160 schools and nurseries to take part in eight of its funded projects.

These include a re-grant to Stop and Think, a computer assisted learning programme which aims to improve primary pupils’ maths and science attainment. The EEF’s previous trial suggested evidence of promise, with positive impacts of 1 month’s progress in maths and +2 months in science. This new trial will involve 8,750 Key Stage 2 pupils in 175 primary schools nationwide

Seven more EEF-funded studies are also currently in the process of recruiting schools and nurseries across Early Years and Key Stages 1 – 5.

Early Years:

  • The Impact of Covid-19 on primary school starters study is looking to recruit 75 early years settings to assess the effectiveness of support strategies implemented by Reception teachers to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 closures on children starting school this year.
  • Reception Jigsaw is looking for110 early years settings to trial a professional development programme for Reception staff, aiming to improve children’s early mathematical understanding.
  • Maths Champions is looking for 140 schools to test a programme designed to train senior staff in early years settings to improve the maths skills and confidence of children.
  • TEEM UP is looking for 100 schools to participate in a trial of a 16-month CPD programme, which aims to develop the ability of Reception and Year 1 teachers to enhance children’s mathematical understanding. 

Special schools:

  • Headsprout is currently looking for 110 special schools to test a targeted literacy programme, aiming to build fluency in essential early reading skills for children with SEND at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Primary schools:

  • 150 primary schools are sought to trial Children’s University, which is designed to improve the aspirations and attainment of Key Stage 2 pupils by encouraging participation in learning activities beyond the normal school day. 

Secondary schools:

  • The Keep Teaching trial is looking for 300 secondary schools to trial the effectiveness of a support package, aimed at Keeping Every Early-career Physicist Teaching.

Professor Becky Francis, Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), said: