Education Endowment Foundation:5 summer reading suggestions from the EEF

5 summer reading suggestions from the EEF

Looking for some evidence-informed reading inspiration during the holidays? Why not check out the following…
Stephen Tall
Stephen Tall
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The EEF has published a number of major reports this year. They may not be airport thrillers, but we hope they’ll be of interest as you re-charge your batteries ready for the new academic year…

Evaluation reportsWe’ve published the independent evaluations of a further 13 EEF-funded projects this year. You can read any of them here.

Literature reviews We commission these in order to understand through a review of recent, high-quality, evidence, including international examples: which interventions and approaches have existing evidence of impact on young people’s outcomes; what these outcomes are; and what gaps in evidence remain. This year, we have published reports on:

  • the link between arts education and attainment / lifeskills;
  • post-16 outcomes in English and maths; and
  • careers education.

Marking review Marking plays a central role in teacher’s work, yet there is very little evidence on which strategies are most effective. That was the central conclusion of the report we commissioned, A Marked Improvement, which made waves when it was published in April. Read it for yourself here

Implementation and process evaluation guidance It’s not enough just to know that something works (or doesn’t), we also need to know why it works (or doesn’t). In May we published a major review and accompanying guidance document to try and ensure the highest quality evaluations are conducted in EEF-funded projects. Anneka Dawson’s blog, Exploring the black box, is a very useful introduction

Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants Strictly speaking, this guidance document to support schools in deploying their TAs as effectively as possible was published last year – in fact, we sent a copy to every single school in the country at the time. But it continues to be one of our most sought after publications, so if you’ve not read it yet, why not make sure you do this year?

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