Education Endowment Foundation:EEF Blog: New ​‘Voices from the Classroom’ – Lessons from remote learning

EEF Blog: New ​‘Voices from the Classroom’ – Lessons from remote learning

Kirsten Mould
Kirsten Mould

Our Learning Behaviours specialist and current secondary SENCO, Kirsten Mould, introduces our new Voices from the Classroom’ videos, in which one secondary school shares their experiences of remote teaching during partial school closures.

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The EEF report, Best Evidence on Supporting Students to Learn Remotely, identifies five principles for schools to consider. But, of course, the circumstances facing schools responding to the Covid-19 pandemic are unprecedented, so professional judgment and local circumstance is key in determining support for pupils, as well as monitoring its impact on learning.

We asked Emma Weston, assistant head from Mary Webb School and Science College, in Shropshire, to explain how she and her colleagues have used the EEF report to consider their approaches to remote learning

Reflecting on remote learning provision

Emma describes how her school is navigating the logistics of setting work and maintaining connectedness with their pupils.

She also covers the support being made available for disadvantaged pupils to ensure that they are able to engage with home learning and how teaching assistants are being deployed to provide extra support.

We hope that this latest instalment in our Voices from the Classroom’ series helps to support fellow teachers and school leaders in their practice during these challenging times