Education Endowment Foundation:EEF Blog: New ​‘Voices from the Classroom’ – The RADAAR Framework

EEF Blog: New ​‘Voices from the Classroom’ – The RADAAR Framework

Dr Niki Kaiser
Dr Niki Kaiser

Secondary science teacher and EEF specialist, Dr Niki Kaiser, introduces the latest videos in our Voices from the Classroom’ series.

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Having a strong mentor is so important for early career teachers. I know that I gained a huge amount from the coaching I received during my formative PGCE and NQT years, and I have continued to learn from colleagues since then. From informal conversations in the staff room to formal departmental meetings, collaboration between colleagues can be an invaluable resource in helping teachers plan and refine their practice

Schools are increasingly finding ways to harness this supportive instinct among colleagues, through collaborative planning meetings and peer coaching within departments. The RADAAR framework can help Science teachers focus conversations with trainees around curriculum planning, to structure sequences that build on prior knowledge, and take a long-term view of topics, rather than considering individual lessons in isolation.

Thandi Banda, Head of Science Faculty at The Beacon School, has used the RADAAR framework within her faculty to support trainee teachers with curriculum planning

You can hear Thandi and her mentee, Robert, talking about how they’ve used the RADAAR framework in the new instalment of our Voices from the Classroom’.

The RADAAR framework