Education Endowment Foundation:EEF blog: The Five-a-day approach: How the EEF can support

EEF blog: The Five-a-day approach: How the EEF can support

A range of resources to support high-quality teaching for all pupils
Gary Aubin
Gary Aubin
Content Specialist for SEND

Supporting every pupil to succeed academically is a significant challenge for teachers and teaching assistants. The EEF’s research evidence suggests there is a set of five core practices that can support all pupils, including those with SEND, to do just that. 

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Teachers, SENDCOs, senior leaders or teaching assistants looking to build these practices into classroom practice, can access a number of EEF resources for support.

As a first step, for an overview of what each of the Five-a-day entails, download this one-page information poster or watch this three-minute video.

For a set of questions that support teachers to consider their own practice in terms of the Five-a-day, look at this reflection tool. For a similar document aimed at teaching assistants, look at this one.

For the opportunity to hear what the Five-a-day means to a practicing classroom teacher, watch this Voices from the Classroom’ video from Jess James.

To see how a SENDCO works with their SLT to bring change to teaching practices in their school, look at this video from Jess Wood and Sarah Hill.

To see how the principles of Effective Professional Development can be used to bring teaching practice closer to the Five-a-day, give this blogpost a read.

To zoom in on scaffolding as an essential element of the Five-a-day, look at this poster, which outlines some of the key principles and underlying evidence around its effectiveness. 

There are a number of other ways the EEF can support improvements to teaching and learning in your school – whether through reading a guidance report and considering its recommendations; perusing the Teaching and Learning Toolkit and seeing how it aligns with your own practice; or engaging with your local Research School and learning about their offer in your area.

The Five-a-day’ approach allows educators to embed a set of teaching habits that feel manageable in reality. And best of all, these approaches come out of an evidence review that looked specifically at the impact on academic progress for pupils with SEND in mainstream settings.

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