Education Endowment Foundation:EEF in Tes: ​‘Coping with Covid: 5 tips for improving pupil behaviour’

EEF in Tes: ​‘Coping with Covid: 5 tips for improving pupil behaviour’

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In a newly published Tes article, EEF Learning Behaviours specialist, Kirsten Mould, recommends that schools take a balanced and holistic approach to behaviour management this year. Here’s an excerpt:

Rather than battling opposites, we find a solution that marries the complexity of managing misbehaviour and a focus on positive relationships,” she said.

‘Learning behaviours’ have emerged from a rich and diverse evidence base on supporting pupils in schools. It takes the incoherent noise of behaviour battles and instead creates a connected puzzle of useable evidence.”

The EEF has developed a range of guidance reports that support learning behaviours, ranging from guidance on improving behaviour, metacognition and self-regulation, special educational needs in mainstream schools, working with parents, and social and emotional learning (SEL).

The most effective learners, Ms Mould explained, can self-regulate their learning, demonstrating resilience and coping strategies. Instead, pupils with SEND have the greatest need for high-quality teaching.

We must understand individual learning needs, including pupils, parents, colleagues and specialist professionals in our conversations. Promoting parental engagement through positive, personalised learning communications that are easy to read can be effective,” she added.

Read the article in full here.