Education Endowment Foundation:EEF in the news: Kevan Collins in the TES

EEF in the news: Kevan Collins in the TES

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Kevan Collins, chief executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, writes in response to an article by Dylan Wiliam on research-led teaching.

Dylan Wiliam raised some important points in his article on research-led teaching (TES magazine, 10 April). Of course, he’s right that proponents of evidence in education should be careful not to overclaim: there is no perfect lesson plan or starter that engages every student.

But he’s dead wrong to imply that the solution is to return to a time when teachers shut the door to evidence. For too long, too many teachers have been as guilty as politicians of acting on what they believe to work, rather than what has been shown to work. Instead, we need a middle way where teaching is informed by the best evidence so that their practice is improved, and collectively the teaching profession does more to improve results especially for poorer pupils.

Read the full article on the TES website here.