Education Endowment Foundation:Kevan Collins interview with Evidence for Learning

Kevan Collins interview with Evidence for Learning

Professor Sir Kevan Collins
Professor Sir Kevan Collins
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In August 2018, EEF Chief Executive Sir Kevan Collins visited Australia to meet with our partners in Australia, Evidence for Learning

Matthew Deeble, Evidence for Learning’s director, sat down with Kevan to record this podcast, setting out the EEF’s aims and how and why the EEF is working with global partners in education

Over 25 minutes, Kevan talks about the EEF’s initiatives to bring new insight and new information to bear in education, so teachers and senior leaders – in England and around the world – can make better decisions about how best to improve teaching and learning in their school.

Duration: 25min 11sec.


  1. Origins of the EEF: 0:00 – 3:11
  2. Teaching & Learning Toolkit: 3:11 – 8:44
  3. Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs): 8:44 – 15:18
  4. Sharing the evidence – the Literacy Octopus trial and guidance reports: 15:18 – 20:06
  5. Research Schools Network: 20:06 – 22:09
  6. Global evidence partnership: 22:09 – 25: