Education Endowment Foundation:New episode of ​‘Evidence into Action’: ​“Supporting pupils during exams”

New episode of ​‘Evidence into Action’: ​“Supporting pupils during exams”


New episode of the EEF’s podcast focusses on exam preparation

Podcast •0 minutes •

Today, the EEF has released a brand new episode of Evidence into Action’, our podcast which explores important areas of educational research, and how it is being put into practice in schools. In this new instalment, our expert panel discuss the evidence around how to prepare pupils for exams effectively.

Regular host Alex Quigley is joined by our Learning Behaviours Content Specialist, Kirsten Mould, in discussion with:

  • Prof. David Putwain of Liverpool John Moores University (Start – 26.55);
  • Sadie Thompson, Deputy Director of HISP Research School and Modern Foreign Language teacher (26.55 – 40.23); and
  • Simon Cox, Director of Blackpool Research School and Maths teacher (40.23– End).

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